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I am sure everyone is wondering if I do anything other than spend time in the internet cafes. Well, there’s not a whole lot to do in the town of Flores and even less to do in neighboring Santa Elena. Of course there is even less to do with no money. Not to mention i have walked back and forth between these two towns at least 5 times, and although only a mile each direction, in this heat it is like walking 50 miles with no water…. I am tired to say the least.

But, GREAT NEWS. I was finally able to access my money and wanted to let everyone know that I will be leaving tomorrow on the trip to El Mirador. It is just me and 3 italians and our guides. We leave tomorrow at 5:00 and should return on Monday about 15:00, which gives me about an hour to catch my flight to Guatemala City… cutting it a bit close.

A little bit more about the trip tomorrow:
The trail to El Mirador is operated by the people of Carmelita, the northernmost village of Petén, located close to the Mexican border. This community was founded over 60 years ago as an important base for chicle collection, which is the true chewing gum, and processing. Chicle is the resin of the Chico Zapote tree, which forms the natural base of chewing gum. Another rainforest product is the xate palm frond, which is often used in floral arrangements. The villagers of Carmelita have always depended on the surrounding forest for their livelihoods and have extracted these non-timber forest products in a sustainable manner.

This trail explores the lost Mayan kingdom of El Mirador. Legend has it that at its height, El Mirador was four times as grandiose as Tikal and the biggest of all Mayan cities. This impressive site remains one of the most isolated and understudied of the great Mayan cities. Although largely unexcavated, these ruins are still predominantly intact, protected by the dense jungle canopy which covers and protects them from erosion and other destructive agents.

The most impressive structure in the complex is the El Tigre pyramid, which stands at an unprecedented height of 18 stories, the biggest pyramid yet discovered in the world (according to National Geographic), with a base the size of three football fields.

Hundreds of other buildings in this gigantic complex still remain undiscovered. Come and explore El Mirador like in the early times, one of the greatest legacies left by the incredible Mayan Civilization to humanity!

Well that’s about all… hope all is well and everyone is good. My time here is almost over. Time has been going quite fast, as always. Not sure I am going to make it for very long to Antigua or Lake Atitlan, but hopefully at least for one day. I might trip to change my flight to Sunday the 25th instead of the 24th from Tegucigalpa, Honduras instead of Managua, Nicaragua.


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