Home Yet Again

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After 7 hours of further travel I finally made it home, yesterday… I just have to admit that I couldn’t get out of Nicaragua fast enough. I am not planning to return to that country any time soon. Not only did they charge me about US$10 to enter the country by land, they also charged me US$32 in departure taxes to leave, paid on all international flights out of the country. Not exactly a highlight of the trip, since I called the airline 2-days before I left to verify the amount needed — US$25. Thank goodness for nice people in the world.

Photos are being worked on. I am still lucky to have them since in the airport in Managua one of my bags was stolen from me. I had set it down next to the Continental Airlines window to check in and while I was talking to the agent someone swiped it. It was right next to me and my eyes were only diverted for a few minutes… just long enough.

Am working 12am to 12pm on Monday and then have Tuesday off and then it’s back into the swing of things on Wednesday…. wishing it was a longer holiday. Where do I go from here?


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