My African Adventure Begins

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Current Location:     Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, Nederland
Local Time:             7:20 (00:20 CST)

Well here I am beginning another adventure. It hardly seems right that only 7-months I was in Iceland and now here I am heading to Southern Africa. Currently I am sitting in Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam awaiting the departure of my flight to Cape Town, South Africa. The flight from Minneapolis was as it always is – long and overnight. But thankfully the invention of NyQuil allows me to sleep the entire 8 hrs 20 min flight. I sat at the exit row, which, was a bit cold but definitely worth the extra leg room. <acronym title=“Northwest Airlines / Delta Airlines”>NW</acronym>  41, the first of 3-daily flights out of <acronym title=“Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA”>MSP</acronym>, has started being operated by an Airbus 330-200 instead of the -300 series. A little bit shorter in length, but still a good plane.

My flight to Cape Town, South Africa leaves in about 2-hours. Flying time is 11 hrs 30 minutes. This is not the longest flight I have been on, but it is still a long flight. Fortunately, it is onboard a KLM B777-200ER; this means a couple of things, first of which is somewhat uncomfortable seats, but on the flip side an awesome inflight entertainment system. Based on KLMs website, some of the movies on this flight include: Australia, Slumdog Millionaire, Quantum of Solace, Twilight & Wit Licht. So at least there will be quite a few things to keep my mind out of the flight.

What are my plans in Southern Africa? Well, they are pretty fluid, yet I have had to plan quite a bit. The local transportation system is very limited, which has made it necessary for me to book local tours… which I will be OK with whether I want to be or not. The highlights include: Cape Town, South Africa; Etosha National Park (Namibia); Sousessvlei & the Namib Desert (Namibia); Victoria Falls (Zambia/Zimbabwe); Chobe National Park (Botswana); Okavango Delta (Botswana) and the sights along the way. But more about that later. Now, I’m off.

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