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Como Zoo, St. Paul, Minnesota

Sep 19, 2010 Comments Off by

One time each year I make a trip to the Como Zoo. A small zoo located in the city of St. Paul, Minnesota on the shores of Lake Como. I know that I will sound like a snob for saying this, but they’re just not as nice to look at after seeing them in the […]

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Flights Cancelled

Sep 19, 2010 Comments Off by

Well after approximately 18 hours on the phone with the flights have been cancelled and I have been issued a refund for the ticket. After being transfered between people, 5 in total, they finally managed to transfer me to their corporate office in Las Vegas, instead of dealing with the call center in the […]

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Flights to Tel Aviv Rebooked

Sep 12, 2010 Comments Off by

Today I rebooked a flight from Athens, Greece to Tel Aviv, Israel with Swiss International Airlines (SWISS). Why SWISS? When it came down to it it was mostly about flight availability. After the debacle with the mess up with Expedia, where they sold me the ticket with knowing that the flight was to depart at […]

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A 10 Hour Flight Change?

Sep 05, 2010 Comments Off

Periodically I will log into a website where a flight itinerary resides to check the details and make sure things have not changed. The last thing you want to do is to arrive at the airport 3 hours early only to find out that your flight already left. Although these websites are supposed to inform […]

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