Destination 2013: Myanmar ± Sri Lanka

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After much debating and finally resiging to the fact that the previously planned trip to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro was going to be too expensive, I have begun to think about where exactly too go. In all of my research, Myanmar seems to be the "it" place right now, so I have made the decision that this will likely be the next big trip. I have already applied for and been approved for vacation time for the month of November, now all that I have to do is start looking at flights.

At the moment, flights from MSP to Bangkok are running right around $1250 RT. Not bad at all, considering I spent $1140 for my flight back to the Netherlands.Getting from Bangkok to Yangon should be relatively painless, with daily flights operated by Air Asia (running around $35 ...).

I'm also contemplating adding on a few days in Sri Lanka, but that part is still just a thought.


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