Travel Photo Roulette #72: Light

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The next round of travel photo roulette is up, and the theme this time is Light. This round is being hosted by Calli & Travis over at Have Blog Will Travel.

As stated by Calli & Travis, Light

... plays an interesting role in photography. While integral to the exposure process, light can add depth, emotion, and mood to a photograph and draw the eye. However light can also be tricky, creating shadows where they are unwanted and blowing out even the most dramatic of skies. This week, we want to see your best photograph that highlights the theme of light – be it natural or man made. Here are a few inspirational shot...
So, here is my submission for the next Photo Roulette.

Israel----Jewish-Soldier900 "Waiting for the sun to set over the Old City of Jerusalem, I saw an Israeli soldier being ordered into different poses. I quietly moved behind the photo shoot, stuck on my telephoto lens and shot a couple of shots that caught the essence of the country of Israel, all into one shot."


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