A Return to the Land Down Under

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Back in 2012 I had made my first journey Down Under to Australia and New Zealand. Although they stood on my list, they were never really high on my list. I think what initially brought me to the continent was the fact that I had a friend there who I had known for many years. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed my time there but with so many other wonderful places to visit I had put a return trip lower on my list. Until recently.

On April 7th I saw what could quite possibly be the deal of a lifetime. The major airlines of the USA are often having price wars. Sometimes they manage to have something decent out of Minneapolis (MSP) but very frequently good deals are just not available to us. But, this year, I saw that Delta was pricing tickets out of United's hubs to Sydney/Brisbane/Melbourne for about $580 roundtrip. But then, the very next day United matched it out of Delta's hubs..... When I saw the deal come up, I initially thought yes, I have to get this! But I didn't. I had just had major surgery and wasn't quite sure I could afford even that amount. So I didn't book it. Then on Saturday, the 9th of April I had breakfast with a friend of mine from out of town. She and I talked about travel for a while. Ultimately, while I was walking home, I made the decision I was going to buy the ticket. So, I rushed home and did just that. For $584.26.

I made the decision to spend my Birthday in Sydney and then visit another area of the country after that. I've already been to Sydney, Alice Springs and an overland adventure to Darwin, however, a friend of mine will be joining me who has never been. This will be quite interesting because I've not ever traveled with someone and am not sure how I will react to this new experience, but wherever we go I'm sure I'll enjoy it!


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