POTD: Australia: Uluru

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Australia: Ayers Rock (Uluru)

The more I traveled the world, the less I wanted to visit Australia. I am drawn mostly to the developing world. But in 2012 a friend of mine from Sydney finally convinced me to come for a visit. For me, no visit to Australia would have been completed without a visit to Uluru or Ayers Rock. A giant monolith, found in the "Red Center" of Australia, is a sacred place for the Aboriginal people. According to the Aṉangu, traditional landowners of Uluru:
The world was once a featureless place. None of the places we know existed until creator beings, in the forms of people, plants and animals, traveled widely across the land. Then, in a process of creation and destruction, they formed the landscape as we know it today. Aṉangu land is still inhabited by the spirits of dozens of these ancestral creator beings which are referred to as Tjukuritja or Waparitja.


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