Birthday Present for 2017: LATAM Boeing 787-9 5th Freedom Flight

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For some people this may not seem like a very appealing idea, however, for my birthday this year I am doing a whirlwind trip from Amsterdam to Amsterdam, via Madrid and Frankfurt, for my 38th birthday. Why you might ask?

As an aviation enthusiast I like to do things that are a little different. For instance, flying LAN from Sydney, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand or Garuda Indonesia from London to Amsterdam. Well, one of the other more interesting routes is flying the South American carrier, LATAM (formerly LAN Airliens & TAM Airlines until they merged). As a 5th freedom flight they fly daily between Madrid, Spain and Frankfurt, Germany. I decided to give their service a shot and as an added birthday present to myself I purchased my flight in business class instead of economy class. I think the cost difference was only about $100 difference, if I remember correctly.

I will fly from Amsterdam to Madrid with Iberia Express, as a positioning flight. Then I will fly LATAM on one of their new Boeing 787-9 planes to Frankfurt, Germany. From Frankfrut I will either fly or take the train back to the Netherlands to complete the rest of my trip. I have not yet decided this portion of the trip and that information will come soon.


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