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Greetings from Guatemala City

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WOW. That's really all there is to say. I have just arrived in Guatemala City about an hour ago and needed breakfast. So to kill 2-birds with a stone (so to speak), I am eating in an internet cafe and writing this email... Let me just say that the next time I plan on a 2-day bus journey, PLEASE SHOOT ME. It was kind of harsh on the bottom. The border crossings were especially painful at times and a bit more than I thought about. The bus left San Jose it was nice and sunny, but not hot. When we…

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More Greetings from Costa Rica

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All is well and fine here in San Jose, Costa Rica. The weather is gorgeous, at around 85 to 90°F and very little humidity. It has, however, rained almost every day. But that's because it is the rainy season. Yesterday I went on a full day trip around the city of San Jose to some interesting spots near here. The first stop included a tour of a coffee plantation, seeing the juice of life in its very early stages. The air was filled with the aroma of coffee and the samples proved to be just as good. Definitely not what…

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Recuerdos de Costa Rica

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I hope that everyone is doing well. The flight was uneventful. I actually went to MSP airport this morning to just check my luggage in and then I was going to head over to the mall for a while to pick up a few things and to kill some time but the lady at the check-in desk was all about getting me on the 9:30 am flight to Houston.... So I did... of course, it didn't get me to Costa Rica any faster, just on a plane quicker & to Houston quicker. The plane was pretty empty, there was about…

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