1000 Places
Check out the official site for the book, "1000 Places to See Before You Die" by Patricia Schultz.
Look out world. Here comes Stefano and he's taking the world by storm.
Follow travel writer, Sandra Scott around the world as she explores and writes about some exciting destinations and interesting cultural experiences.
Follow Mark as he sets out to conquer the world. Showing us not also photos but giving us helpful information along the way
Follow Alfred Molon of Munich, Germany as he discovers all that our world has to offer, capturing every moment on film.
travel and experience the world through the eyes of retired teacher, Galen Frysinger. Have Camera Will Travel Logo
Follow the world of David Coleman. A professional travel, location & time-lapse photographer based out of Washington DC. He has provided some pretty inspiring bits for my upcoming trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro. Read Dave's journey up Mt. Kilimanjaro
the world is an interesting, life journey. Share the experiences of friend, Lorién, as she discovers and teaches about what our world has to offer.
join the world famous tuber as he travels around the world from canada, morocco to easter island, india and beyond.
[in het Nederlands]- travel the world around with fellow traveler, Roel de Gama from Amsterdam, Netherlands. reis de wereld rond met medereiziger, Roel de Gama van Amsterdam, Nederland
Helen likes butterflies, rainbows and unicorns. Val likes potatoes. Together they plan to visit every country in the world.
Join Colin and Julie Own as they explore the world. [Disclaimer: Some of the journals are quite funny.]
journey around the world with fellow travelers from Tallinn, Estonia.
Global Hopkins
a large collection of visas, entry and exit stamps from around the world.
Come check out Brian's travel experiences. Traveling from Asia, Africa, Europe and beyond.
Experience the world through the eyes of Matt. His site features a wealth of information, photos and musings - as well as a long list of other travelers blogs.
A fellow traveler posts a very informative website, currently listing a "how to" for getting to various parts of the world, as well as a lot of other information regarding travel.
The Wandering Aramean
Follow the Wandering Aramean as he flies around the world.
Frugal Travel Guy
The frugal travel guy has it all. Including the greatest travel deals and ways to earn airline miles the easy way.
follow Iain on his trip around the world. as he says Good by UK, Hello World.
discover the world with Anil, a travel enthusiast, who is connecting with people around the world in a quest to discover the people and places that we have to offer.
travel the world with Marco, an Italian travel enthusiast who loves to get out and see the world.
Without Baggage
Hit the hiking trail along with brothers Hank & Brian as they trek to some of the most remote corners of the earth. Watch a video they produced about their recent trek to Everest Base Camp
Follow the antics of Val, a foodie and intrepid traveler, as she sets out on her year around-the-world.
Breakaway Backpacker
"Take a chance, take a risk, make a change & breakaway"-- Follow Jamie as he travels the globe in search of answers documenting his questions, thoughts, tips, adventures and anything else that comes with his journey round-the-world. He wants to show everyone that it is possible to breakaway!
Wandering Earl
A simple life to lead, Earl has dedicated his life to living on the road and just "traveling". Read more about his fascinating life
Fogg Odyssey
In a word.... AMAZING. Check out Troy Floyd's blog for some super awesome photos of his travels around the world.. Capturing some amazing moments.. the kind i would die for!
travel the world with Jason and Aracely and learn bits and pieces about what it means to be a backpacker, around the world.
Follow the antics of travel writer extraordinaire Jen and her partner Ben (the brain stormer) on journeys that have done and journeys they will one day complete and everything in between.
Jason Around the World
travel the world with Jason as he attemps to travel to all of the listed countries & territories within the next few years.
From Here to Nowhere
From Here to No Where Logo
A blog which cronicles a number of hikes made around the world. There is no author information on this site so it's hard to write anything more. But I've found it very interesting & useful.
Trail to Peak
Read about some awesome hiking adventures by hikers Drew & Julia. From Peru, Tour du Mont Blanc to the John Muir Trail and beyond.

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