Matt Damon on Table Mountain

Apr 03, 2009 Comments Off by

What are the first things that you think about when you hear, South Africa?     Wildlife, Apartheid, Nelson Mandela, High Crime Rates – these are what came to my mind when I first thought about coming to this part of the world, and although I wasn’t meant to spend much time here in the Republic of […]

My African Adventure Begins

Mar 29, 2009 Comments Off by

Current Location:     Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, Nederland Local Time:             7:20 (00:20 CST) Well here I am beginning another adventure. It hardly seems right that only 7-months I was in Iceland and now here I am heading to Southern Africa. Currently I am sitting in Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam awaiting the departure of my flight […]

Aircraft Changes Loaded, pt 2

Feb 28, 2009 Comments Off by

Today via e-mail I have been informed that my flight from JNB to AMS has been downgauged yet upgraded from a Boeing 747-400 (combi) to Boeing 777-200ER. The times still remain the same. Photo (c) Daniël E. Cronk, 2008 – Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, Nederland Boeing 747-400 Combi Boeing 777-200ER Overall length 70.6 m (231 ft […]

Aircraft Changes Loaded

Feb 12, 2009 Comments Off

Today via e-mail I have been informed that my flight from MSP to AMS has been downgauged from an Airbus 330-300 to an Airbus 330-200. The times still remain the same. Photo (c) Daniël E. Cronk, 2008 – Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, Nederland Airbus 330-300 Airbus 330-200 Overall length 63.6 m (208 ft 10 in) 58.8 […]

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The Saga Ends

Sep 07, 2008 Comments Off
As quickly as it started, the journey was over. Although I only spent 10-days in Iceland I certainly saw some interesting sights and met some wonderful people. The final days in Iceland remain much a blur. After the hair raising journey through the Greenland Sea to the tiny spit of land known as Grimsey Island, […]
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Akureyri, Iceland

Aug 29, 2008 Comments Off
Iceland, as I am finding out, is more than just the barren wasteland which I first wrote of. It has certainly proved to be a gem that could possibly be worth coming back for a second visit sometime. Once you get past the extreme expense, though in some cases it hasn't been much worse than […]
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Reykjavik, Iceland

Aug 24, 2008 Comments Off
Many greetings to you all from Iceland, the supposed land of Fire & Ice. Well, my flight from Minneapolis to Reykjavik went quite well. There was a small delay in their arrival into Minneapolis so we were late boarding and taking off. But, the good news was that the pilot got us into the jet […]
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The Saga Begins

Aug 22, 2008 Comments Off
If my website does this correctly you will be receiving at the approximate time in which my flight is to depart.  At this very moment my plane should be airborne traveling to an altitude of approximately 38,000 feet. Today I am onboard Icelandair's flight from Minneapolis to Reykjavik, Iceland for what is sure to produce […]
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A Southern African Adventure Planned

Aug 04, 2008 Comments Off

Today I took a major step in travel planning. I have changed my flight from Costa Rica to South Africa. It’s quite a change if I do say so myself. But one I feel it’s time to make. The flights are going to be extremely interesting. I am going to be gone from 29.March.09 thru […]

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Homeward Bound

Dec 04, 2007 Comments Off

Well today begins the sad day. I must say good bye to Jordan and to the Middle East. It has been a wonderful last few days. On Friday, I took the bus from Wadi Musa back to Amman (2-hours north) and then a taxi to the city of Madaba. I checked into a hotel and […]

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Greetings from Jordan

Nov 30, 2007 Comments Off

Greetings from Jordan. After I walked around for 9-hours at the Petra Complex I went and had a hair-cut. Lets just say that not being able speak Arabic is bad (especially if they don’t speak English, also). But it was an interesting experience. My hair is now VERY short and is what is typical of […]

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