Mingalaba: Journey into Myanmar

Nov 11, 2013 Comments Off by
Currently I am sitting on the patio of a restaurant in Bagan thinking about the past few days. How I had heard so many stories of a country of people who were genuinely friendly. There is nothing farther than the truth. The people of Myanmar have to be some of the friendliest people on the […]

Flights Booked: London, England

Oct 19, 2013 Comments Off by
  16.april.2014 (D) Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport   Duration: 08 hours 20 minutes   Equipment: Boeing 767-400   Class: Economy   Miles: 4,015 (A) Heathrow International Airport, London, England                 29.april.2014 (D) Heathrow International Airport, London, England   Duration: 09 hours 05 minutes   Equipment: Boeing 767-400   […]

Flights Booked: Lima to Cusco, Peru

Sep 04, 2013 Comments Off by
  05.march.2014 (D) Jorge Chávez Interational Airport, Lima, Peru   Duration: 01 hour 10 minutes   Equipment: Airbus A320-200   Class: Economy   Miles: 364 (A) Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport, Cuzco, Peru                                 Total Miles Flown: 364 Total Miles […]

Mount Rushmore, Custer State Park and the Badlands 2013

Sep 03, 2013 Comments Off
Sometime last year I had mentioned to a friend of mine that I really wanted to go out to Mount Rushmore. She and her system hatched a scheme that would take us out over Memorial Day weekend. This plan was ultimately pushed back a couple of months and we decided on Labor Day weekend. We […]
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Travelers Century Club list of countries & territories visited

Aug 25, 2013 1 Comment
Travelers Centruy Club List: 45 out of 321 This the Travelers’ Century Club’s official list of countries and territories, a total of 321 as of July 2011. Although some are not actually countries in their own right, they have been included because they are removed from the parent country, either geographically, politically or ethnologically. After […]
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2014a – Flights Purchased: to Lima, Peru

Aug 22, 2013 Comments Off
        While surfing the internet this evening I came across a fare deal that was just way too good to pass up. Round trip airfare between Minneapolis and Lima for only $448, including taxes. How can anyone NOT take a leap on this deal. So, I made the plunge and bought the […]
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2013b – Flights Purchased: Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Thailand

Aug 13, 2013 Comments Off
        Sometimes we do certain things that make us all happy. We all have that one vice. Mine happens to be travel & flying. Living in the USA there are not may opportunities to fly widebody aircraft domestically, and most of the time I end up on Airbus A330-2/300 aircraft heading off […]
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Stepping into the Mac World

Jul 05, 2013 Comments Off
Today I made one of those impulse buys that hopefully will not leave me filled with regrets. I bought a Macbook Pro 13-inch; always being a PC person this is a HUGE change. It's driven basically by the need to use software that is only available for Apple products (ie: iPad iBook creation software). We'll […]
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A Day at the Minnesota Zoo – 2013

Jun 04, 2013 2 Comments
Once every so often I like to head out to the zoo to see the animals. I have this love/hate relationship with zoos. Part of me loves them because it allows me to see animals I would not normally see. The other part of me hates them because these animals are away from their natural […]
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Travel Photo Roulette 58: As the Sun Goes Down

May 13, 2013 Comments Off
Hannah and Adam over at "Getting Stamped" are hosting the 58th round of the Travel Photo Roulette. Their chosen category: As the Sun Goes Down This competition category was a little hard for me to choose, because I have a couple of really good sundown shots that would be great. In the end the Moai […]
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2013b – Flights to Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) Purchased

Apr 18, 2013 1 Comment
Flights for the next stage of the journey, bought.
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