Trekking the W+ in Torres del Paine (Days 4 & 5)

Dec 28, 2011 2 Comments by
This part is still being written, so hold onto your hats while it's completed. Day 4 26-December-2011 Distance: 20,5 km (12,7 miles) Time: 7-hours Route: Campamento Italiano to Refugio Chileno Today was my hardest day. I was up really early, had a quick breakfast, packed up my tent and was on the trail by 6:00. […]

Trekking the W+ in Torres del Paine (Days 1-3)

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Located at the far reaches of the earth lies Patagonia. An intense, windswept region teeming with gorgeously dramatic mountains, enormous glaciers, vibrant lakes, glacial rivers and of course, strong Patagonian winds. Patagonian winds that are so strong that often leave living fauna bent into submission. The region of Patagonia, shared by both Chile & Argentina, […]

Mana move the Moai

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The last few days on Rapa Nui were spent trying to discover the answers to my questions: 1.) why were the moai created and 2) how were they transported across the island. The first part of the question was easily answered, in that, they were ceremonial locations for the dead kings. Once the king/chief passed […]

‘Iorana Rapa Nui

Dec 15, 2011 2 Comments
Many greetings from Easter Island. Located at just over 2,500 miles from the continent of South America, Easter Island is like nowhere else on earth. It is historically intriguing, culturally compelling and scenically magical, this tiny little island looks like it's fallen off another planet. often considered one of the remotest inhabited islands in the […]
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Photo Essay: The Hermitage

Oct 29, 2011 Comments Off
Located in Saint Petersburg, Russia, the State Hermitage is a museum with a vast collection of art and culture. It is one of the largest and oldest museums in the world, being founded in 1764 by Catherine the Great, and has been open to the public since 1852. Parts of the museum are housed in […]
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Fall is in the Air

Oct 15, 2011 3 Comments
Fall is my favorite time of the year. The crisp, cool air and the beautiful, vibrant colors of the leaves on the trees. The following are a few photos taken at the Minnehaha Falls area along the Mississippi River in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota.
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Photo Roulette 28: Reflections

Oct 05, 2011 33 Comments
  And the Winner is   This was a very hard contest for me to judge. I really enjoyed ALL of the submissions. Awesome shots to everyone, however, I have chosen Fidel's because not only does it portray the theme of Reflections to a "T" but I like the fact that it shows interaction between […]
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Flight Changes: MSP-ORD-IAD-EZE-SCL

Oct 01, 2011 Comments Off
Today I received an email that my flights had been changed. Normally this would not be that big of a deal for me, however, the flights are leaving me with a bit of anxiety. Instead of a nonstop flight from MSP to IAD, I now have to fly through Chicago. The flight is scheduled to […]
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Photo Roulette 27: Cities

Sep 25, 2011 2 Comments
My entry for the 27th round of Photo Roulette: Cities an iconic photo of Amsterdam. A city of iconic small houses built along the canals. I chose to take the iconic city and add a border, text and the Dutch flag, thus converting it into a city postcard. To enter the competition, visit Adventures of […]
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Photo Roulette 26: Foods of the World

Sep 20, 2011 Comments Off
This round of Photo Roulette brings us to Foods of the World. I don't take a lot of pictures of food, mostly because I'm not a very adventurous foodie (being mostly vegetarian plays that role). But, while traveling through Cambodia I did take a picture of my lunch one day. It is Amok. A Cambodian […]
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Photo Roulette 25: Tranquility

Aug 29, 2011 Comments Off
The host for the current Photo Roulette Theme hopes to convey Tranquility. Photos that should a sense of peace, calm & serenity. Sometimes life can be a rushed, stressed out affair. Check out the contest over at
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