Where Should I Go After Turkey?

Apr 20, 2010 Comments Off by

Update: 20-April-2010: And the winner is: Chile & Easter Island The trip will most likely be in the winter of 2011-2012 — though anything can change. Help me decide where to go after Turkey. Last time Russia won…. now, where is the next place that I should go. The rule is that it should not […]

Stranded in Turkey

Apr 18, 2010 Comments Off by

Mardin was very nice. I enjoyed my time wandering around aimlessly through the streets. The best part was that everyone greeted you and the kids all said hello and asked you to take their picture (without an ulterior motive, like in some places). The city is idyllically set upon the side of a mountain with […]

The Cradle of Civilization

Apr 15, 2010 Comments Off by

After leaving the beauty of the Greek Island of Rhodes behind it was time to head off to Fethiye. Fethiye is a small port city located on the southwestern coast, along the Aegean Sea. It and the town of Ölüdeniz are picture perfect. With crystal clear, sapphire blue waters it is the perfect place to […]

Mamma Please! The Greeks & Turks Friends Now

Apr 07, 2010 Comments Off

I had planned originally to spend 3-nights in the town of Pamukkale, about 3 hours eastish of Selçuk. Pamukkale, also known as “Cotton Castle” is the location of calcium-carbonate rich terraces which was left from water that cascaded across the region. However, upon arrival, I discovered that although they are still white (white as cotton), […]

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Happy Easter from Selçuk

Apr 04, 2010 Comments Off

Turkey is definitely a very different country, unlike any I have visited up until this point. Although it is a predominately Islamic country, it has a very defined separation between church and state, as stated in their constitution; as opposed to other Islamic countries. In fact is is much more liberal. Walking around the streets […]

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Greetings from Istanbul

Mar 30, 2010 Comments Off

The time has been going so quickly. The first 5-days of the trip were spent in the Netherlands, which were extremely busy. But I got to see a lot of people again so in the end it was worth the effort. In Breda I saw Laetetia, Joost, Bert-Jan, Marieke, Oma (who is looking quite frail) […]

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Why Russia Was Disappointing

Sep 13, 2009 Comments Off

Saint Petersburg [Санкт-Петербург], a city located on the Neva River at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea has had a very interesting history. Founded in 1703 by the tsar, Peter I (Peter the Great), it was the capital of Imperial Russia for more than 200 years (approximately 1713 thru 1918). […]

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The Russian Love Affair

Sep 10, 2009 Comments Off

As quickly as it arrived, my love affair with Moscow came to an end and now I am finding a new love affair, St. Petersburg. The last few days in Moscow were spent visiting some of the numerous museums, providing insight into the history of both Moscow and the Russian Federation. Most notably the State […]

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Привет из России — Greetings from Russia

Sep 06, 2009 Comments Off

The journey to Russia was pretty uneventful. My flight from Minneapolis to Amsterdam departed on time and actually arrived earlier than anticipated with an actual flying time of 7 hours 15 minutes. That is the fastest I have ever flown this route. Schiphol was Schiphol. They should name a terminal after me with the number […]

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Ticket from St. Petersburg, to Moscow on Aeroflot

Jul 04, 2009 Comments Off

Today, not just 2 days after my Russian visa arrived in the mail I have purchased a flight from St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo International Airport to Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport on 12-sept-2009 at 16:50.     The flight information is: 12-september-09 (D) Pulkovo International Airport, St. Petersburg, Russia 16:50 operated by Aeroflot – Russian Airlines (A) […]

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The wait is over, the Russian visa is here

Jul 02, 2009 Comments Off

Yeah! After many weeks of waiting my Russian visa is finally here….. yeah.

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