Greetings from Italy

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Hello. Many greetings to you all coming from Italy.

The flight over was pretty good. KLM always has a great service and it's always nice to have inflight entertainment so that you can remain occupied. Better than the good old days when you had to watch on a screen projector.

Arriving in Munich was interesting. Here I am, but where is my luggage? So as I wander off and talk to the attendant at the baggage claim area I wonder, really, where is my bag. There were less than a hundred people arriving on the flight from Amsterdam, not that much to handle. "I am sorry sir, your luggage has been boarded for Amman, Jordan. We can have it for you here in 3 days, delivered to your hotel.".. We'll that's very nice of you, however, I am going to be taking the night train to Naples, Italy this evening..... So they're going to route it to Italy and it will meet me in my hotel in about 3-days in Rome. Next year, I am only taking a carry on sized bag.

Yesterday was at Pompeii, which is near the city of Naples. It is not hard to understand why the ancients built so close to an active volcano. My first view of the great Vesuvius sent shivers through my body. I can only imagine what it must have been like back in 79 AD when the great volcano spewed out lava and ash that buried the cities of Pompeii, Herculaneum and countless others with no warning.

Mount Vesuvius looms behind the ruins of Pompeii

Rome is an absolutely wonderful city, with one exception... it's crowded. It does not help that I am here during Easter Weekend. But everything about this city is just simply breathtaking. To think that people actually put forth their minds and built the structures that remain today, of course the most notable is the Coliseum, the Roman Forum and a few others. I walked along the Tiber River from the Termini (Train station) all the way to Vatican City. It must have been close to 3 miles, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. After arriving at Vatican City, again remember this is Easter Weekend, I came to realize that it was a big mistake for it was also very busy and lined with people. I tried to take the lift up to the dome of Saint Peters Basilica, but it was closed. Just my luck. So I wandered around the grounds for a little while & decided to come back again maybe tomorrow or the next.

I had a very interesting run again today with my ATM card, it seems destined for me to have some pain in every country trying to use my ATM card. It won't work here. It just gives me a message saying that it is not authorized for international transactions, which is strange, because I even called and told my bank that I was going to be in Europe and that they should allow me access. No problem, we've made a note of it was the response I got. Well, clearly, they were wrong.... So I have to go and call the Bank once I think they are open.

Castel Sant'Angelo

Well, tomorrow I will spend the day walking around Rome and probably make the trek back to Vatican City to see about going to the top of the Cathedral... the lines were too long today or I would have attempted the Sistine Chapel or something, but I know they're not going to be any better tomorrow...


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