Happy Easter from Rome, Italy

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Afternoon and Happy Easter Things are going well here in Rome...I have been having such a great time.. I wish 2 things could happen.. The prices would go down and you didn't have to pay 5 euros just to get in to see some of these things, or that the exchange rate would go up more in favor.... or 2. i could still spend more time here.. .There are just so many things to see and do I feel like i have not done a single thing..... Today, Massimo, whom i met in Guatemala with his girlfriend last year, has been giving me a tour of the Roman Forum and the surrounding areas. Its really neat when you have someone telling you about different things.. especially someone who is very passionate about history..... he is an archeologist in Naples....... he came to spend Easter with his family and his 'fiance'..... He offered to take me to his parents house for dinner, and i was ready to go until i asked him what they were having... all 3 courses were made with beef, and not wanting to offend his mother i declined.. he had forgotten i was vegetarian..... oh well.. next time.. we will meet again at 4:30 pm.. <img src="{filedir_10}IT04190.jpg" style="border: 0;" width="590" height="443" /> Fountain of Trevi After we departed i went and saw the Bocca del Verrita [Mouth of Truth], the Circo Massimo [which in its hey day was the largest stadium in all of Rome], the Baths of Caracalla [who was actually blood thirsty and killed people..... but built these wonderful baths for the people of the roman empire...] <img src="{filedir_10}IT04145.jpg" style="border: 0;" width="590" height="393" /> Lunch was a typical Italian pizza and then a little tiramisu gelatto... we have got to get a gellato store over in Minnesota or new york...... its the best....... Oh, Friday night I went and payed homage to via crucis.. which is a ceremony performed by the pope in honor of the crucifixion of Jesus... it was really amazing.. i was very close to the pope.. he is a really frail old man, but seemed to be in good spirits..... <img src="{filedir_10}IT04231.jpg" style="border: 0;" width="590" height="443" />


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