Greetings from Salzburg

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I am still in Salzburg and really enjoying my time here. It is very peaceful and there are many things to see and do.... Yesterday went on the Sound of Music tour and learned so many different things about the movie.. Some of which I already knew and some of which I didn't have a clue about.. Very interesting.... For example, Christopher Plummer didn't really want to do the movie. He only did it because he was going to be able to sing. However, in the end they ended up dubbing in someone else s voice because Julie Andrews voice was very boisterous as compared to his own.... The tour also went into the Lakes and Mountains region of Austria and got to see the hometown of Red Bull, the super sugary power drink...... Fuschl, Austria is the homeplace, but it is currently made in Poland....... <img src="{filedir_10}AT04135.jpg" style="border: 0;" width="590" height="443" /> Festung Hohensalzburg <img src="{filedir_10}AT04143.jpg" style="border: 0;" width="590" height="443" /> <img src="{filedir_10}AT04163.jpg" style="border: 0;" width="590" height="443" /> In character around Salzburg <img src="{filedir_10}AT04169.jpg" style="border: 0;" width="590" height="443" /> Leopoldskron Palace Today am going to a salt mine... Should be interesting....... tomorrow it is back to Munich so that on Tuesday I can head off to Dresden...... I am very excited about going to Dresden to see Andreas & Silke again........... The weather here has been good... It rained for 1 day when I was in Rome but I haven't seen any more since.... it was cold in Füssen, Germany but it has been quite warm here in Austria....... I hope it continues... Met lots of great people, some from Thailand, Australia, etc.... Very nice people in this world..


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