Greetings From Prague

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The weather has been good for the most part.. Except for Today of course.... Let us review what has been happening over the past few days
April 6 Flew MSP to AMS to MUC overnight train to Naples, Italy
April 7
April 8 Pompeii ruins; Naples, Italy
April 9 Rome, Italy; Vatican City; saw the Pope
April 10 Rome, Italy; Vatican City
April 11 Rome, Italy overnight train to Munich, Germany
April 12 Munich, Germany
April 13 Dachau Concentration Camp
April 14 Füssen, Germany; Neuschwanstein Castle; Tegelberg Gondola to top of Tegelberg Mountain
April 15 train to Salzburg, Austria
April 16 Salzburg, Austria
April 17 Salzburg, Austria (sound of music tour)
April 18 Salzburg, Austria (salt mines of Dürnberg
April 19 Munich, Germany
April 20 Day train to Dresden, Germany
April 21 Dresden, Germany
April 22 Dresden & Meißen, Germany
April 23 Saxony Switzerland; Dresden, Germany; Dinner with Andreas & Silke's parents
April 24 Prague, Czech Republic
Okay, so..... Dresden is a VERY beautiful city... I will definitely have to return here again....... Andreas and Silke have been wonderful to me here and I hope that I can return the experience.. Semperoper On Friday we went into Saxony Switzerland which is a wonderful part of Saxony, near Dresden.. We hiked for a long time and went to the Bastei and Königstein Castle.... The Bastei is an old Fortress dating back during the Bohemian occupation..... I will have to explain more of this at a later time.. Bastei Bridge, Saxon Switzerland I had dinner with Andreas and Silke's parents last night. They too are very wonderful and a very warm family..  . I thanked them for the wonderful experience...... and hope that someday I will be welcome back to their home for dinner again.. 🙂 Today we took the train to Prague in the Czech Republic.. It is also a beautiful city and I have only explored a little bit of this city... But, right now it is raining a little bit so I thought I would catch up on my emails.... 🙂 Czech Republic is a very cheap place to visit right now, although after the first of May they will be joining the European Union and I am almost sure they will be going to the Euro which will most likely increase their prices... There are actually 10 countries that are going to be joining.. for more information on this though you will have to do a search for European Union online...... Tomorrow we will do some more exploring of the city and then I will say auf wiedersehen to my friends Andreas and Silke, as they will return to Dresden and I will take the night bus to Budapest... Astronomical Clock Dancing House This is a better option than taking a plane.... I think... I have no idea what the future will hold... I am sad to say that my time here is almost up.. I have enjoyed reading emails from everyone and hope that everyone has enjoyed my little postings.. The computers have not been very friendly over here so I have not been able to post any photos.. But i have well over 700 photos so far and will begin posting them as soon as I return.


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