Greetings From Transylvania

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I trust that everyone is doing well.. I am doing just about as well as I can given that my time here  is almost over with... 🙁 Sadly it is true.... But, I am currently in Romania.. Transylvania to be exact... I arrived here yesterday and have been walking around the 'city' of Cluj-Napoca, which is in the north-western portion of the country.. Not extremely north, but not exactly in the center of the country either..There is not much to do here in the city itself. There is a magnificent church, Saint Michaels Church which dominates one of the main squares. It is a beautiful church.. There are a few other insignificant sights to see. I tried to walk around and find the School of Veterinary Sciences today but couldn't find it. I went past it yesterday on the bus from Budapest as we were entering the city.. I just can't remember exactly where I saw it.... Oh well.... Funny story... On the bus ride from Budapest to Cluj we passed by this shop selling souvenir cement gnome statues... Oh yes, let us stop for one of these souvenirs that weigh maybe 200 lbs... Let's just strap it my back pack... I think I would like my bank account to reflect the amount shown according to the Romania Lei.... My available balance yesterday after withdrawing a bit of money was 42,299,000.00  Can we just forget the exchange and make that American dollars.... Tomorrow I am taking a train from Cluj to Suceava, which is in the Northeastern corner of the country. From here I will make a trip to see the Bucovine Monasteries. One, the Voronet Monastery, is said to be the Sistine Chapel of the East...... It contains the Last Judgment fresco, which fills most of one of the walls... At the top of the fresco there are angels which roll up the signs of the zodiac to indicate the end of time. The middle of the fresco shows humanity being brought to judgment. On the left, St. Paul escorts the believers, while on the right, Moses brings forward the non- believers. Below the fresco is the Resurrection. On another wall there is a depiction of Genesis, from Adam and Eve to Cain and Abel. There are many other frescoes on the wall but these are said to be the most beautiful of the Monastary.


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