Back in Transylvania

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Well the monasteries in Suceava were GOREGOUS.. I can't believe the designs of these places they are awesome.. The colors and designs have withstood the weather and time since they were built, approximately in the 1300 - 1500 time period.... The frescos are on both the outside and the inside of the monasteries..... For the most part they have all been 'included' into UNESCO who are currently spending time and efforts cleaning the frescos.. Friday night we had a very interesting life experience.. The hostel that I stayed at [more like a bed and breakfast], the owner also teaches students Swedish at a 'university' and had some of her students in to celebrate some festival from Sweden... But we spend 5 or 6 hours with these students and had a really good time. We learned quite a bit about both of our cultures... They are very interested in learning about different things. For the most part they have an opinion about things but that's good too. Come to find out that one of the students has an aunt or cousin or relative who works for the University of Minnesota's Medical School.... Small World we live in.. Today I took another nice long train ride from Suceava to Brasov... It only took us 8 hours..... ISH... On the train there was this funny old lady who spoke to me in broken German.... all she could keep saying was Groß [big] this and Groß [big] that.... and schoen.... and that's about the extent of it, but it was funny talking to her none the less... Tomorrow I am going to see Draculas Castle.... I am a bit disappointed that it is going to be closed tomorrow but at least I can admire it from the outside... I don't have enough time to stay here any more time.. I have to be in Bucharest either on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning for my flight home on Thursday morning... 🙁


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