Bangkok truly is “The City of Angels”

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Many greetings to you all from Bangkok - the City of Angels. The flight from Minneapolis to Tokyo was very well. It was relatively smooth with very little turbulence. The Boeing 747 aircraft was not even full, as there were some 100 seats still empty. Thankfully this meant that I lucked out in having an entire 3-seat row to myself. The flight left Minneapolis at 13:00, taking a northwesterly route up over the Northwest Territories of Canada, following along the southern portion of Alaska, finally following the Russian sea coast south, finally landing in Tokyo at 00:30 CST (15:30 Tokyo Time). With it being daylight the entire time, it was very hard to sleep. The flight from Tokyo to Bangkok, was an entirely different story. It was VERY turbulent. But all in all it was a slightly early arrival in Bangkok. The flight left Tokyo traveling southwestern directly toward the South China Sea, over flying Taiwan, finally heading toward the Southeastern Asia (approximately midway between Vietnam -- my inflight map showed it was approximately between the Vietnamese cities of Hue and Da Nang) before continuing towards Bangkok. I do love the inflight maps. Bangkok is quite a nice city, though it is also a fairly polluted city. I had heard many things about the smell and toxic fumes and that most people can't wait to get out of the city. However, since my sinus' are full anyways, it wasn't really that unpleasant. I am enjoying myself here. The weather is great (it was about 90° today with a cool breeze, along the River). The people have been extremely friendly (which is why Thai hospitality is the best that there is, and the Thai people always have a smile on their faces). That's all for now. Jet lag is setting in and I am very tired.


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