Siem Reap, Cambodia and the Ruins of Angkor

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Many greetings to everyone. I have just finished up my day of ruins. I must admit I am suffering from temple fatigue. But, that is the price you must pay. Tomorrow I am off to the capitol city, Phnom Penh. Over the past few days I have been to see many of the temples of Angkor. The first day was a bit of a chill down after the flight from Bangkok. Which I have to admit was one of the best I have ever been on. The flight was about 35 minutes, but they served everyone a meal. They don't do this type of thing on the airlines in the U.S.. I ended up with pad thai noodle with tofu. It was not too bad considering it was airline food. Arriving at the airport was an interesting experience. It took well over 1 hour to get my visa, another 30 minutes to get entry stamp. Given a stern look by the border official and then handed my passport and then on the go.

Deboarding Bangkok Air Flt 930 at Siem Reap Angkor International Airport.

I met a wonderful couple of people from New Zealand (Sarah and Chris). We had a great time traveling around the temples and around town. They left this morning (6-Feb) back to Bangkok. Today, 6-February, I hired a driver to take me to a village that has seen absolutely no tourism. Which is the way it should remain. The people here were warm, friendly and I got many stares, smiles and hello's. Also, we went to the remote ruins of Beng Mealea and then to Banteay Seri (photos of these will come later). OK, so that is enough writing. Take a look at the photos and hope you enjoy. Ta ta...

Angkor Wat at sunrise

Angkor Wat at sunrise

Angkor Wat at sunrise

The Angkor Wat complex as seen from a hot air balloon.

Another one from the balloon.

At the temple of Ta Prohm.

Sarah and Chris (Left and far right) with our guide Sokthea (center) at Preah Khan temple ("Temple of the Sacred Sword")

The gate entering the temple complex of Angkor Thom.

A procession of Buddhist Nuns.

The Hindu version of the Buddha (note the position of the legs, pointing up. The Buddhist Buddha has his legs in complete lotus position, in a straight line.

At a village on the Tonle Sap Lake that I wish to remain anonymous. There are absolutely NO travelers coming to this village and I wish to keep it this way. I got many stares, many hello's and a warm welcome.

The village people.


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