From the Banks of the Mekong River

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Many Greetings to you from Saigon.

A very interesting city indeed. There is quite a bit to do here and always ways for you to spend your money. Oh and not to mention, it's "Same Same But Different." This has to be one of the most common sayings around.

The Cao Dai "Holy See" is the center for the religion of the Cao Dai. It is a mixture of Buddhism, Hinduism, Catholocism, Tsaoism, Confusicism, Muslim and other other that I can not remember. The Temple at the Holy See is a riot of color which could only have been inspired by Walt Disney himself. When you visit the temple with a group they take you there so that you can see a ceremony. I really feel weird looking down on people when they are doing something personal. But, since I was there.

During the ceremony. Looking down on the people.

The Temple at the 'Holy See'

During the time of war, many US Forces were killed by Viet Cong soilders who had devised a network of tunnels so as to disguise themselves and conduct official V.C. business. During the day time they would work in the rice fields and during the evenings would hold secret meetings here (they even went through the trouble of keeping their faces covered so no one knew who was really there in case the Viet Minh were there also.

Vietnamese Soldier shows us the way they would enter and exit the tunnels.

The Cu Chi Tunnels were so small that only extremely thin people would be able to enter. They have since enhanced the size 2x's the size so that westerners can fit through the tunnels. They're quite small, just enough to squat your way through and they're extremely claustrophobia inside, with little air to breath and almost no lighting. I should have brought my head lamp with me.

Life Along the Mekong Delta:

The landscape is a kaleidoscope of greens and browns. There are many rice fields (the 2nd largest rice producer in the world) along with the many rivers and streams of the delta. It was a wonderful place. However, the mosquitos were out in full force. Even with 50% DEET I still got it... If I don't come down with Malaria I will be extremely surprised. Even with the meds there is no guarantee. Hope you enjoy the photos of the Mekong Delta. There are many more, however, the card that they are on is not full yet. Stay Tuned.

Tomorrow I leave Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) for Mui Ne (a beach like area with sand dunes) and then onto Da Lat, high in the mountains. Ultimately I have 16 days to make my way to Ha Noi where I will fly back to Bangkok. Time is going by way to quickly.

Dogan playing around with a Burmese Python... No thank you!

Looking stylish in the Delta with my conical Gucci hat.


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