Saludos de México

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The flight went well. It was on time and actually I arrived into Cancun 15 minutes a head of time. Got myself to the bus station, which was easier than I was picturing it. The bus ride to Palenque was LONG!!!! Very very LONG!!! It was 11 hours in total and one of these days I am bound to learn that you just shouldn't do these things to yourself. But, you know this is probably the 8th time I've done such horribly long things. For example the flight from Minneapolis to Tokyo was a mere 11.5 hours.... Nothing like being in the sky though with nothing to do.... At least on the bus you might get a chance of stopping, getting out and getting fresh air. It is hard to put words to the complex of Palenque. I still cannot believe that a civilization flourished several hundred years ago without the use of modern day technology. I cannot imagine if society today could put forth such an effort to accomplish this today. Palenque, sits on the edge of rolling hills and lush jungle vegetation. Although not as atmospheric as say, Tikal, where there are the sounds of howler monkeys in the distance, Palenque certainly lives up to and perhaps surpasses my thoughts and everything that I had learned about it. The only downside is the HEAT and HUMIDITY. Two very nasty words right now in my vocabulary. I'm thinking about purchasing a polar iceberg and having it sent down for me for the next few days.

Great palace at Palenque

Temple at Palenque

Tomorrow I am going to be visiting two remote temple complexes. Yaxchilan and Bonampak. Bonampak is a small Classic era city which, as I may have said, was the site where a mural was discovered in very good condition. This mural depicts the Mayan creation story. A second site, San Bartolo was recently found to contain a mural as well, but it is a Pre-Classic site. Yaxchilan, another Classic Mayan site which sits on the banks of the Usumacinta river, which forms the natural border between Mexico and Guatemala. Well, what better way to introduce the latest plot in planning. Since I´m going to be on the border of Guatemala, I figured I would return to Cancun via Guatemala and Belize City. So I'm going to take a bus to Flores and visit the Mayan capital of Tikal, again, and then head back to Cancun, via Belize. I've got it planned out that I should arrive just in time to make my flight the following day, but there is a chance (Central America is NOT known for stellar bus transportation) I might be a day late. But we will cross that bridge when we get there. Well I had gone to upload some photos of Palenque today but the computer was being very finicky (typical computer).. So you will just have to wait to see any photos until I get back. Because, unless things have changed in the past 3 years for the better) the internet service in Guatemala was NOT any better...


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