Home, Bitter Sweet Home

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Sad but true my plane touched down at 21:00. Another holiday has come and gone.

Today was just the usual airport goings on. I took a bus at 6:00 to Cancun from Tulum and then got myself to the airport. As I was checking in the agent asked me if I would like to upgrade to First Class ---- YES of course I would --- the price, a mere $80! No problem.. I had about 900 pesos left over so I handed over the pesos and I ended up in First Class.. It was nice being in comfy seats after riding in bus seats for the past few days. So glad.. $80 well spent, plus I get 1.5 miles per mile flown instead of 1 mile per mile flown. The down side was that they were not able to get me all the way to Minneapolis in First, so it was back to cattle class.. (After Business Class on Thai air and now First Class with NWA I would certainly live this way all the time)..

Customs ----- Entering the US in Memphis is not an easy task. You are reminded that you must have all cell phones off, you cannot take pictures, you cannot run, you cannot smile, you cannot.. about 5 times before you actually get into the customs and immigration hall. So as I walk up to the next open customs agent I am greeted with the usual, "Where have you been?" Why have you been there? blah blah blah. Then he starts questioning my motives and starts looking through my passport. Ah, yes! There is a visa from Cambodia and Vietnam.. hmm.. why were you in Cambodia and Vietnam? How long were you there? What was your reason for going? What is your occupation? So I'm thinking what an a** this guy is being.. finally after taking 20 minutes to look entirely at my passport and record in the computer all of the information on my Cambodian visa he sends me through with a big fat 1S on my immigration ticket. So I am stopped by immigration. The guy on the other side takes about 5 minutes to ask me a couple of questions. I told him that the guy on the other side took 20 minutes to look at my visas and he told me that he tends to be a bit "Crotchedy" and can be very "cranky" and so he waives me through.. Finally that mess is over with.. I am NEVER going through Memphis again. I have never had any problems in Lost Angeles, Minneapolis, Houston, Miami, Dallas-Fort Worth, or JFK.. Just here. What a dill weed.

After reaching the gate I check the status of the flight and they are over booked.. So I put my name on the volunteer list and get a nice bump. I end up getting on a flight 35 minutes later and arrive in Minneapolis 5 minutes after my original flight was scheduled to arrive. In fact I had my baggage and was out the door to wait for my ride while the other plane (my original plane) was still waiting for their luggage to come onto the carousel.. So here's to another $300 in free credit vouchers. .Let's just hope that NWA stays in business long enough for me to use both the credit vouchers and the 55,000 miles I currently have banked up.. Where to go, what to see.. Only time will tell..

Portugal is coming in April/May of next year, potentially!. I am also thinking about Egypt. I met some nice Israeli's from Tel Aviv who invited me to come stay with them for some time so I might even consider that next year. Too many places, not enough vacation time.. Maybe it's time to take an extended leave of absence for, say, 2 years. I think that would cover quite a bit..

Hope all is well. Photos should be up and running by the end of the weekend. I am going to work on them a bit this week but won't make any guarantees. I have a few photos of Palenque up on the site now and a photo of a Coati Mondi from Yaxchilan but haven't had time to do much else!!!


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