Greetings from Ancient Egypt

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Well, I arrived in Cairo this morning at 2:30 Saturday Cairo time. I guess technically it's only 6:30 pm on Friday... The flight from Minneapolis-Saint Paul to Amsterdam was pretty uneventful, up until we just came upon the southern coast of Greenland when they announced that they were needing anyone with medical experience to assist with a passenger. Apparently this older lady was not doing too well, was having breathing problems. After an assessment by someone, they delivered oxygen by mask and began preparations to make an emergency landing in Rejkyavik, Iceland or the other possibility was Nuuk, Greenland. After about 30-minutes on oxygen she appeared to have gotten much better and did not want to land in Reykjavik, so we continued on to Amsterdam....

Looking over the wing of the Airbus A330-300 somewhere over England enroute to Amsterdam.

Amsterdam was Amsterdam... you either love it or hate it, i happen to love it. The flight from Amsterdam to Cairo was pretty good, again, until we hit the coast of Greece and the weather over the Mediterranean was not too good. The plane made fast movements in up and down motions and side to side (this is a Boeing 747 that I was on), and some how we ended up in a Thunderstorm weather system, that was just fun looking out and seeing lightening. But fortunately we didn't get hit. Cairo -- so far I have only been here for about 2-hours and already just about had a heart attack when I couldn't get money from the ATM. This always seems to happen to me. But, it turns out that many of the ATMs are not serviced regularly or run out of money regularly or something, but finally found a machine that would give me the money. Today is a quiet day and don't really know what I'm going to do. Was thinking that today would be the Egyptian Museum for a couple of hours, then to Islamic Cairo and then maybe to Giza Plateau to watch the sunset over the Pyramids.. WELCOME TO CAIRO...

Young guys hanging out around the Mohammed Ali mosque

Mohammad Ali Mosque, Cairo Citadel

Khafre's Pyramid, Giza Pyramids

Egyptian Taxi's in front of the Giza Pyramids

De Reiziger in front of the Great Pyramids



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