Greetings from Jordan

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Greetings from Jordan. After I walked around for 9-hours at the Petra Complex I went and had a hair-cut. Lets just say that not being able speak Arabic is bad (especially if they don't speak English, also). But it was an interesting experience. My hair is now VERY short and is what is typical of young, Jordanian men. The barber spent almost 45 minutes cutting it all off, shaping, etc. They must not get many westerners asking for hair cuts, as people were walking past they would do a double-take and some would turn around and enter the shop and watch.It was very weird. Then as soon as I stood up to leave, so did they.I felt almost like a movie star or something.

Your first glimpse of the Treasury as you walk through the Siq of Petra. For Indiana Jones' fans, this is the Valley of the Crescent Moon!

The Monastery (al-Deir)

After that experience, I ended the day with "Petra by Night". A 2-hour walk through the siq which is illuminated only by the glow of candles. As you enter the Treasury you are greeted by the Bedouins who sing and play music for you, and tell stories. It is very interesting, but was way too COLD.

Petra at Night

Today I am in Madaba, Jordan which is very close to the Dead Sea. Tomorrow I will take a taxi to Mount Nebo, the Dead Sea, the Dead Sea Panorama, Bethany-Beyond-the-Jordan, and then back to Madaba. There are a few things I would like to do more before I leave so we'll see how much money and time is left after tomorrow. Only a few days left, sob sob sob. Hope everyone is well and it's not too cold there.


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