Matt Damon on Table Mountain

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What are the first things that you think about when you hear, South Africa???  Wildlife, Apartheid, Nelson Mandela, High Crime Rates? these are what came to my mind when I first thought about coming to this part of the world, and although I wasn't meant to spend much time here in the Republic of South Africa, it has certainly touched my heart in so many ways.

Being blown around on top of Table Mountain with the lions head to the left and Robben Island to the right. The flight to Cape Town was pretty good. I got really uncomfortable during the flight (abdominal pains from the pressurization changes - this is nothing new for me I get this every time I fly), so I didn't end up eating anything during the flight and was actually not really even hungr - but it did cause some concern with the flight attendants. A visit to Cape Town would not be complete without a few stops.

1) Robben Island - an island which incarcerated prisoners from the early days of the VOC (Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie; that's the Dutch East Indian Company for those of you who don't speak dutch) right up until 1996. This is also where former president Nelson Mandela was held prisoner for 18 years, starting in 1964.
2) Wine tasting tour
3) Table Mountain
4) Township visit

Jackass Penguins

Penguins at the Cape Point Having only given myself 1.5 days in Cape Town to recover myself from any possible jetlag before heading to Namibia I opted to pay tribute to Table Mountain and I did a day excursion of Cape Point- the southwestern most point of Africa. Table Mountain is situated slap-dab in the middle of the city. It provides beautiful views over the city and surrounding area and it gives you a chance to do some hiking.

My experience to Table Mountain has to be defined as lucky for a number of reasons. Quite a bit of the time the mountain is shrowded by a thick layer of cloud covering - strangely enough called the Table Cloth. I managed to find the day when the table cloth had been removed and there was not a cloud in sight. As I headed to the cable car ticket area I noticed VERY long lines and they didn't seem to be moving. Great. It took well over 45 minutes to get my ticket but I find this next bit well worth it. I was about to get onto the cable car when I noticed that it was filled with only a few people carrying camera equipment. When the doors opened, out stepped Matt Damon and Clint Eastwood. It could only have been defined as a dream and I had to pinch myself to see if I was even awake. But damn that hurt and yes I was awake. It turns out that they are here shooting a movie that is based on the World Cup that South Africa won a few years ago. I'm just wishing I had known that I could run into them at any point because I would have had the camera ready - take that paparazzi. But alas, it was stowed in my bag.


Cape Fur Seals Yesterday I spent a wonderful day visiting the area of Upington, which sits not far from the border of Namibia. It was my stop over between Cape Town and Windhoek. I had made arrangements for a tour of the area and to Augrabies National Park. My guide,  Zietsman, picked me up at the bus station and as I was getting off the bus immediately walked up and introduced himself. It was a little weird that this guy should know who I was without my even saying anything, but it turns out he has visited my travel website a few times since I made my arrangements for the day tour. He did a great job and I enjoyed my time in Upington. He would be a reason for me to return. We talked about everything from local and international politics, regional information, family, travel, news, etc. It was good. So if anyone is going to be in Upington I would strongly recommend Zeitsman at Khomani.

I arrived in Windhoek this morning and am making the adjustments well.  This afternoon I am going to a Big Cat National Park where you can see Lions, Leopards, and other big cats of Southern Africa. Tomorrow, my first safari!


I spy with my little eyes.......a lion... growl.....


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