A Recap of the Journey

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The first few days in Turkey were spent exploring the sights of Istanbul or is it Constantinople? Such a beautiful city that one could spend months here or maybe move here. From Istanbul I boarded an overnight bus to the “city” of Selçuk. A very nice town with some historical points of interest, Ephesus, The Temple of Artemis, The House of Mary Magdalin. Next stop was Pammukale and the cotton white travertines and the ancient city of Hieropolis. After negotiating with my self I ended up taking a bus to the city of Marmaris and boarding a hydrofoil to Rhodes, Greece where I overnighted on this beautiful island. Back to Turkey and onwards to see friends Nichola & Dogan in Fethiye and a paragliding adventure in Ölüdeniz. Then on to the spectacular fairy castles, towers or more appropriate termed, phalluses in Cappadocia. Where I even hot air ballooned over a phallic sea. Then to the beautiful city of Mardin, a city that sees so few tourists and even fewer in the town of Hasankeyf.

I would recommend Turkey to anyone. A warm country and extremely friendly people. Very hospitable. Would you expect anything less? Probably not.


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