Flights Cancelled

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Well after approximately 18 hours on the phone with the flights have been cancelled and I have been issued a refund for the ticket.

After being transfered between people, 5 in total, they finally managed to transfer me to their corporate office in Las Vegas, instead of dealing with the call center in the Philippines. After speaking with a man named Clarence, again sending in a copy of my flight itinerary as printed from expedia’s website. He managed to log into some “archaic software” that no one ever uses any more and found my itinerary as I had purchased it.Only once he saw this information and found the “proof” that it was misrepresented at the time of purchase, did they issue the refund.

As a result of this expedia has lost my business, at least for some time. Not that I’ve used them very much, mostly I purchase directly from the airlines.

So what will I do? As soon as the refund hits my account I will book a new ticket with either Swiss or Turkish Airlines. Both of these airlines have flight schedules that depart at decent times, and they are comparable in price to Aegean Airlines. . . stay tuned.


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