Destination 2012: Australia

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So a couple of years ago I had a great response to a survey I sent out asking where people thought I should go next. At the time, Turkey had won the vote.... and Turkey is where I traveled to. Then I asked for the next one, and Chile rocked the vote; though, I did end up in Israel first -- but that's because Israel was a "quick" destination, as opposed to a super long vacation (ie: 2 weeks vs 4/5 weeks).

So last year I began another survey for where I should go next. It was a very close battle between two countries: Australia & Nepal. In the end 178 people participated. With 32 votes (18% of the total votes) Australia is the clear winner. The second place winner was Nepal with 29 votes (16,3% of the total votes). Third place was Madagascar with 14 votes (7,9% of the total votes). It was such a great race.

My next step is requesting the time off. Given this destination, the likely time (read: best time) will most likely be the shoulder periods. My plan is to travel September 1st thru the 26th.

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