Photo Roulette 41: Spirit of the Country

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Photo Roulette 41 is being hosted by The Adventure Crow. The theme is: Spirit of the Country. The theme resolves a photo that depicts the "spirit" of the country where the photo was taken. My submission is below:

Nothing shows more about the spirit of Israel, than a soldier and a menorah. This photo was taken during Hanukkah in 2010. I was on Mount of Olives photographing the Dome of the Rock at sunset when I heard a commotion and turned to see a photo shoot going on. I decided to put on my zoom lens, sneak around back and take a few shots of my own. The results were stunning.

Updated: 03-May-2012
The following message was posted on The Adventure Crow's website. I feel very fortunate to have received such a high praise.


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