Tanzanian Visa

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My Tanzanian Visa

As part of the process of traveling to almost any African nation one must apply for a visa. A visa is generally a stamp or sticker that is placed into your passport which grants you authority to enter a specific country, for a specific period of time. Many countries allow you to get a visa on arrival, as does Tanzania. However, I will be arriving from Kenya and really don't know what to expect at the border in regards to getting a visa on arrival. I've been told it's relatively seamless, but why take chance.

The Tanzania visa is pretty straight forward [instructions from the Embassy]. You must provide a completed application, your passport (with at least 6 months validity after you are to depart Tanzania), a copy of your flight itinerary proving that you have a way into & out of the country (with dates), two recent passport sized photos, a pre-paid, self-addressed envelope from a courier (UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc) with tracking (ideal), and payment. For US passport holders, the fee is $100. This grants you multiple entries for up to one year from the time of issue. For non-US passport holders the fee is generally $50 for a single entry and $100 for multiple entry, but only valid for 6 months.

2015 Tanzania Visa Application Redacted
I am always curious as to how long it will take for visa processing. Their website indicates that it should take about 5 business days. Sometimes it's quicker, sometimes it's longer. My Myanmar visa only took about 24 hours and was placed back into the mail. I had it back within a week. My Russian visa, which was THE worst visa to apply for took well over 2 weeks for the process. Of course with the Russian visa I had to send it to a 3rd party who presented it to the Russian embassy for me. Super annoying, but ended up quite efficient.

Passport Mailed:
13-May-2015 15:00 via FedEx 2nd Day Service
Passport Arrived at Tanzanian Embassy: 15-May 2015 13:25
Passport Shipped From Tanzanian Embassy: 21-May-2015 15:36
Passport & Visa Returned: 26-May-2015 11:00 via FedEx 2nd Day Service
Total Days: 13 days total. This would have been less, but with an American holiday (Memorial Day), it took a little longer.

Not such a bad turn around time. As they announced on their website, it takes about 5 business days to be returned. Nice service.


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