POTD: Myanmar: Dattawgyaik Waterfall

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Burma: Dattawgyaik Waterfall Located halfway between Mandalay and the city of Pyin Oo Lwin sits one of the most beautiful waterfalls, Dattawgyaik. The trip to Dattawgyaik starts with a 30 minute car ride from Pyin oo Lwin, followed by a 45 to 50 minute hike down a steep, curved road in extremely high temperatures. Once you're at the bottom of the "canyon" you gaze upon the waterfalls. Set idyllically amongst the site is a buddhist shrine. I hadn't thought too much about the trek to the waterfalls until it was time to come back, realizing that now I had to go up, up, up. For over an hour it is up, and with the temperatures in the mid to upper 90°F range, it was very slow going.


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