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POTD: Cambodia: Angkor Wat at Sunrise

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There is nothing more magical than waking up and watching the sunrise over a beautiful site. In Cambodia, watching the sunrise over Angkor Wat is nothing short of mesmerizing. The orange hues of the morning bathe the sky in a golden color before bringing the world to life.

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POTD: Argentina: Monte Fitz Roy

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I absolutely love to go hiking. There's nothing like being alone in the wilderness with nothing but your thoughts and beautiful scenery! In 2011/2012 I had the great pleasure of hiking through on the of the most beautiful sections of Patagonia, Monte Fitz Roy National Park. The peak of Monte Fitz Roy can be seen here commanding all of your attention. Such beauty!

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POTD: Romania: Stairway to Heaven, Sucevița Monastery

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I visited Romania back in May 2004 with my very first digital camera, well before I started developing my photography hobby. Because of that there are very few photos from this trip, but this is one that does exist. It is of the "Stairway to Heaven", a fresco depicting the Stairway of Virtue. While sinners fall to eternal damnation (to the left), Paradise is still there (top right). The fresco was painted on the exterior of the Sucevița Monastery sometime in the early 1600s. It wasn't until 2010 that the monastery became inscribed by UNESCO as one of the painted…

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POTD: Russia: Cathedral Square

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A view of Ivan the Great's Belltower (located on the right) with the Belfry of the Assumption Cathedral. These are a part of the cathedral complex within the Krelim, also known as Cathedral Square.

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POTD: Tanzania: Kilimanjaro

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Located at a mere 13,021 feet (or 3,968 meters) above sea level trekkers at the Baranco camp are rewarded with spectacular views of their final challenge, which awaits them in just a few days time.

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POTD: Easter Island: Ahu

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Easter Island is a very enigmatic place. Located about 6 hours by flight from the nearest landmass, Easter Island is home to the moai. No one really knows why they were built but there is a lot of speculation. One theory is that they were built to represent one of the rulers of the island. Hopefully one day we can unlock their secrets.

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POTD: Jordan: (Ad Deir) the Monastery of Petra

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The Monastery, the largest of the buildings of the Rose Red City of Petra, is one of the most beautiful at the site. It can be reached after a 20-30 minute hike up from the main site. The effort is definitely well worth the effort.

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